APR. 11, 1875 - AUG. 10, 1943

Daughter of: John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay

Husband: Daniel Jasper Adams


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1875 - Susanah Demmerrea Cooper was the ninth child born of John Jordan Cooper and Louisa Slay Cooper. John was 55 years old and Louisa was 40 years old when Susanah was born. She was born at the Cooper Basin homestead on April 11, 1875. Susanah had blue eyes and light brown hair.

Susanah helped her mother with many of the domestic responsibilities of women in those days, cooking, cleaning, making and mending cloths and many more housekeeping chores.

By the time Susanah was born, Henry Moses Cooper, her oldest brother, had already moved away from home and had married a young schoolteacher by the name of Elizabeth Reed. Henry and Elizabeth were married in 1872. Another event that occurred in 1872 was the death of Susanah's older sister, Selimea Cooper, at the age of 3. When Susanah came along in 1875, her siblings living at home were William Erasmus age 20, John Robinson age 17, James Fountain age 14, Michael Raleigh (Ike) age 11, Daniel Jordan age 8 and Thomas W. S. Cooper age 3.

1879 - By the time Susanah was 4, three more of her older brothers had decided to marry and had moved away from home. Just after Christmas in December of 1877, William married Winnie Bloodworth, a year later in October of 1878 her brother John married Dora Bloodworth, a younger sister of Winnie, and in October of 1879 her older brother James married Lucyann Missouri Levins. In 1879 Susanah also saw the birth of her younger brother, Joseph Franklin Cooper.

1880 - In 1880, when Susanah was 5, her older brother Thomas W. S. Cooper dies at the age of 8 and just 3 years later in 1883, when Susanah was 8 years old, another one of her brothers, Daniel Jordan Cooper, dies at the age of 16.

1892 - For the next nine years Susanah helped her mother tend to the household needs and the needs of her father and the two brothers that were still living at home. In the early part of 1892 a virulent form of influenza swept across Florida and killed several member of her family. Among the many people that died in Santa Rosa County were her father, John Jordan, her brother William Erasmus, two sisters-in-law (Dora and Elizabeth), two nephews, (Henry and Johny) and her grandmother Selimea Thompson Slay in Washington County, Florida. Later that year in August of 1892, the only remaining older brother that was still living at home, Michael Raleigh (Ike) Cooper decided to marry a school teacher from Alabama by the name of Alice Elizabeth (Dollie) Owens. On May 29, 1892 Susanah transcribed the song/ballad that her mother, Louisa, composed of the RLDS missionary T.H. Wardell.
1893 - On April 2, 1893 Susanah married Daniel Jasper Adams in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

During their 50 years of marriage, Susan and Jasper had 8 children. Their first was born on May 4, 1894 her name was Fannie Laveda Adams, followed by Minnie Estelle Adams, Daniel R. Adams, Daniel Rube Adams, Charles Judge Adams, Tippie Louisa Adams, Della Adams and Marshall Alfred Adams.

1905 - Susanah and her husband built a farmhouse in the southeastern corner of her parents' Cooper Basin homestead and farmed the land. On May 30, 1905, Louisa Slay Cooper, Susanah's mother, gave Susanah the 50 acres that she and her husband had been living on for 12 years. One of Susan's granddaughters still lives on that land today, which was part of the original Cooper Basin Homestead.

1943 - Four months after Susanah and Jasper celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, on August 10, 1943, Susanah Demmerrea Cooper Adams passed-away. Three years later, almost to the day, on August 7, 1946, Daniel Jasper Adams passed-away. Both Susanah and Jasper's final resting-place is in the Milton Cemetery in Milton, Florida.