1885 - AUG 22, 1924

Son of: William Kadge Adams and Betsy Ann Levins

Husband: Thomas Franklin Cooper

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1885 - Roxanna was born sometime in 1885 in Florida.

1902 - She married Thomas Franklin (Tom) Cooper on October 15, 1902 in Santa Rosa County, Florida.

Roxanna and Tom had their first child, Mattie Cooper on July 25, 1903 followed by Maggie (Sis) Cooper on January 1, 1905, Agnes Cooper on February 2, 1907, Luther (Peanut) Cooper in 1909, Maebelle (Mae) Cooper onJune 30, 1911, Rosie Lee Cooper on December 23, 1913 and Thomas Lynn Cooper on February 20, 1917.

1918 - Tom died February 20, 1918 in Santa Rosa County, Florida. His final resting place is next to his sister, Vinie Louisa, and his father, Henry Moses Cooper in the old Cooper Cemetery near Cooper Basin.

1924 - Six years after Tom's death, Roxanna died and was buried August 1924 in the Holt Cemetery, Holt, Florida. Roxsanna said that she didn't want to be buried in the old Cooper Cemetery next to her husband, Tom, because she was afraid that if it ever flooded in that area she didn't want to have water over her grave.